New site, Now new domain

Thanks to Jezuz he helped me alot with my new domain! Remember my old domain
well now its Pretty cool huh? Thank you so much Jezuz I will do anything for you now ANYTHING!!!! Except giving my pc account away that is lol
so now my new domain is hope you like it!
Your friend xxACExx


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This site has been moved.

Hey everyone I am moving this site! There will be bigger and better cheats! And if you dont like the new site just tell me and I will switch back to wordpress!

Also tell me if you can not see the new site or if something goes wrong ok? Heres the link to my new site


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New interface! Mission, And more!

Hey Cazmonauts!
There is a new mission and you can complete it and get a prize! Like I said in the last post talk to Mama Caz! She will give you the mission. This mission requires alot of memorization so you NEED to have a piece of paper. The prize of the mission is a official CPC Outfit! Here is what it looks like!



Also there is a new Interface its pretty cool! I can tell the moderators and the Planet Cazmo staff have been working very hard! Here is the picture of the new interface!

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Pass on to everyone you know!

I and every person has been asked to pass this on.

Citizens of Cazmo… Unite!

This is the moment you have been waiting for…

Together, we will save Jeff and Torgo from their dreaded alien abduction!

But keep it quiet!

Talk to Mama Caz!

Viva La Resistance!

Pass this message on to everyone you know

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Berry and Sacred rock ded.

Awesome people awesome sites Check out Berrys site for the pic I drew her Sacreds picture is below


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I contacted one of my friends and they said that they emailed Planet Cazmo about pets! She told me that they would be coming out very soon so I am so excited about getting a pet! Thats why I saved up my money so I can get a pet but I wonder if they are going to make little accidents on the floor? Eww I dont want to talk about it!


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